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  Sunday, June 06, 2004

  Turning work into life

Although I don't believe that plane hopping is my favourite sport, I do enjoy travelling. I'm pretty happy that I've got chances to travel for work-related purposes and I usually try to stay a few more days after work. Like this time.

Meeting of Knowledge Board SIG leaders in Lisbon was a good learning experience. Presentation by Martin Dugage (should be posted online, will link then), talks and sometimes heated discussions about KB moved my understanding of community dynamics to a new level (and the discussion about integrating KB and weblogs is likely to turn into actions :) I'll probably come back to it later...

Of course I couldn't miss this opportunity and stayed in Lisbon for a couple of more days. These days were full of thinking about passions and work-life balance...

Some people like drawing a clear line between work and "life", but not me. I knew since long ago that my work is part of my life and I don't want to draw lines in between. These days I was thinking how I would like to work.

I'm thinking about weblog discussions while sightseeing with Marting Roell, about spending a few hours in park with Monica Andre talking about implementing blogging in organisations, making notes connecting Emergence with ideas about community dynamics today on the beach and about last week conversations walking around NØrnberg... I love working this way and I wonder why these moments are so rare. Why on a average day I sit in the office even if sun is shining outside, why my working hours break my natural rhythms (my "productive" schedule is different when I'm not bounded by work hours), why I have to manage with eating sandwiches for lunch (hope my Dutch colleagues forgive me :) instead of enjoying food I like...

Don't get me wrong, I like my work and office is a great space for meeting colleagues and serendipity of coffee talks. I'm just thinking about things what would make me more productive. A bit more flexibility, a bit more nature, a bit more fun... I know that there are organisations that make work fun and flexible to their people, but I wonder why they are so rare and what could be done to turn work into life. I guess one of the biggest obstacles is a myth about work/life balance, implying that work is not life, making us thinking that work should be that way - formal and full of discipline - and preventing thinking about other options...

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