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Ideal intellectual communities

Something that I overlooked in my own links (thanks, Seb) – Amanda on Ideal intellectual communities

The IIC would consist of people who aren’t competing with each other for funds, status, recognition, or employment. Intellectual work would not be a zero-sum game to determine who can publish the most, or the fastest, or with the most prestigious publisher.

I wonder if it’s feasible 🙂 Amanda articulates other conditions and then suggests:

The blogosphere fulfills several of these conditions, but I’d like to be able to be in the same room with fellow IIC members. What I really want, I suspect, is a salon. […]

So: where are the salons of today? Have we anything similar? Am I overlooking any existing communities?

I think that our idea of BlogWalk is pretty close to a salon: getting together for intellectual joy :)))

Btw, I can’t stop enjoying explanations of weblog titles. Amanda’s weblog called Household opera

The phrase “household opera” comes from a sonnet by James Merrill (“Matinees,” poem 5, in The Fire Screen [Atheneum, 1964]): “One’s household opera never palls or fails.”

This post also appears on channel BlogWalk

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