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  Wednesday, April 07, 2004

  BlogTalk proposals

The list of accepted for BlogTalk 2.0 is out there. One of our proposals went through, another did not.

The accepted one is on shared conceptualizations in weblogs by AnjoRogier and me (these two guys can do magic with metadata and all kinds of "smart tool" analysis, so I guess my role will be asking sceptical questions and connecting it to other weblog studies :)

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  Blogging as lurking

There was something in my drafted posts from January... Something about lurkers vs. creators.

Stephen Downes: Blogging Without Writing

One tenth of one percent of the people write publicly. Well, OK, I can't validate this figure, but it has been a rule of thumb for me for about a decade. If you have a thousand readers on your Website, one person will post regularly to the discussion board. If you have a thousand mailing list subscribers, one person will post the bulk of the messages. If you have a thousand Internet users, one person will create (and maintain) a blog (people may observe that two percent of Internet users currently blog, but I see this as an indication of the scale of the coming shrinkage of the blog community).

Jonathan Smith: With this medium I am reading much more than I am posting.

Just a few questions related to it:

Is it true that blogging is more about reading than writing? I guess so.

Is is true that % of active bloggers (blog writers) is so low? Is there any way to find how many blog readers are there (especially given the blurring line between weblogs and other types of online publishing/communication; also - when you write you know that this is a weblog, but your readers may not know)?

Do the numbers of active participants say something about general ratios between creation/consumption? I wonder what if we assume everyone is (wants to be) a creator, but this is not the case...

This post also appears on channel weblog research

  Research on wikis?

Is there any (published or in-progress) research on wikis? I've only heard about two papers "under construction", but I don't believe this is it...

Just realised - there is some in Seb's dissertation: chapter 4 and 6.3 (evaluation with 2 cases and survey).

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