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WBC04: selected

“WBC04” people and papers I found interesting, but didn’t have time to blog about. Just some quick notes, let me know if you are interested to know more…

Alex Schröder

A blogger I didn’t know 🙂 See his notes on WBC04.

Alex is a developer (of EmacsWiki) who seems to understand users :))) And he knows where to get good sweets in Lisbon. Check for: conversation tracking tool.

Monica Andre

Passionate Portuguese blogger who knows more than she thinks and asks sharp questions.

Bronwyn StuckeySustaining communities of practice and Making the most of the good advice: Meta-analysis of guidelines for establishing an internet-mediated community of practice

I guess titles speak for themselves 🙂 The first one is based on interviews with community moderators, the second one is a literature overview. Good read.

Ken NewmanUsing a non-linear narrative framework in an online community

Ken told an amazing story about six month motorbike ride from Singapore to London to engage kids in the hospital into online community (I wasn’t at the presentation, but did signtseeing with Ken 🙂

More about it: See also notes by Alex, Come ride with me project page and another paper, Taking the Community for a Ride.

George KukSelection, cliques and knowledge sharing in open source software development communities

For: literature on “group think” (re: blogging echo-chambers 🙂 and a way to study innovative characteristics of a community (re: innovation in weblog communities).

Alastair WeakleyWeb-based support for creative collaboration

About web-Interactive Scrapbook System which makes work in progress visible and shared. For: literature overview on (online) creativity and thinking about the role of artefacts.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/03/28.html#a1146; comments are here.

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