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Travel plans: Lisbon, Innsbruck, Munich, Moscow

I’m getting ready for a few weeks of travel. If you happen to be at one of these places let me know Click here to email Lilia – I would love to meet.

23.03-30.03 Lisbon, Portugal – first at WBC04 (presenting Learning webs: Learning in weblog networks on 26.03 around 15:30 according to the program) then sightseeing around (suggestions are welcome!)

31.03-5.04 Innsbruck, Austria – at OKLC04 (presenting my PhD research during PhD workshop on 1.04 and Discovering the iceberg of knowledge work: A weblog case on one of the days after). I’ll be travelling via Munich, so may be there on 4-5.04, but it’s still open.

9.04-19.04 Moscow, Russia – can’t resist cheap tickets 🙂

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