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BlogWalk: artefacts and invisible audience

Just realised that I have two more thinking themes from BlogWalk:

Roles, interplay and affordances of physical and digital artefacts in thinking and communication. This is not a very new one – I have been touching it while thinking about connections between information and knowledge, knowledge traces we leave and apprenticeship… As an illustration – a piece from my paper on knowledge work model (p.13):

…developing knowledge requires filtering vast amounts of information, making sense of it, connecting different bits and pieces to come up with new ideas. In this process physical and digital artefacts play an important role (Kidd, 1994; Sellen & Harper, 2001; Halverson, 2004), so knowledge workers are faced with a need for personal information management to organise their paper and digital archives, e-mails or bookmark collections.

BlogWalk observations and discussions made this theme deeper – thinking of post-it idea aggregators, affordances of digital photography and connections between physical and digital objects.

The second theme is more of a question: what invisible blogging audience does to us? There is something very strange in public blogging where just the probability of someone reading your words changes usual habits and practices… Trying to understand writing for the mix of known audience (explicit subscribers and usual commenters) and invisible “the world” audience is fascinating…

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