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Backchanneling in blogging

Just experienced nice example of backchanneling in blogging. The story:

Robert on Friday

Today I had an interesting discussion with my roommate at work about the blogging phenomenon and particularly about the reasons why people blog. Maybe since our building is crowded with bloggers today 😉
Anyway, I stumbled upon the unpublished paper “I’m Blogging This”, by Bonnie Nardi, Diane Schiano, Michelle Gumbrecht and Luke Swartz. Nice paper, from experienced CSCW researchers, which discusses various reasons why “ordinary bloggers” blog.

Carla today:

Robert posted a link to a very interesting paper from Bonnie Nardi, Diana Schiano, Michelle Gumbrecht and Luke Swartz, called “I’m blogging this“, A closer look at why people blog (submitted to Communications of the ACM).
I’m going to read it instantly!

I have both weblogs in my news aggregator, but if you think that I found the paper via it you are wrong: I saw it on Carla’s table 🙂

Hope you guessed that this was a way to introduce the paper well worth reading :)))

Btw, Robert Slagter is another colleague, blogging about tailorable software. He is trying to find blogs on groupware and groupware design, so let him know if you know any.

This post also appears on channel weblog research

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