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Distributed everything

I guess “distributed everything” describes weblogs well. It’s distributed being, finding, thinking, writing… Each time someone summarise an article in my “to blog” list I think that weblogging is distributed workload as well.

This time Jack Vinson summarises the paper of Dick Stenmark, Knowledge creation and the web: Factors indicating why some intranets succeed where others fail (pdf). I will take is one step further.

[Update April 2008: the post was in drafts; I publish it unfinished]

In the paper Dick provides an overview of factors enabling knowledge creation.

  • no-preconceptions principle – don’t artificially limit the creativity of thge organization by defining who, what, how or when
  • autonomy – let people operate autonomously, as encouraged by 3M and Google
  • serendipity – enable both ‘accidental discovery’ and the ability to recognize fruitful collisions
  • diverse stimuli – enable people to interact with people who are not just like them
  • rich information provision – expose people to a variety of information, even beyond information pertinent to the topic at hand
  • internal communication – support communication throughout the organization to enhance people’s interest in their colleagues’ problems
  • motivation – incent people to create for the good of creation, rather than for external ‘rewards’

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/03/06.html#a1113; comments are here.

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