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True knowledge work cannot be automated

Let’s continue introduction round of my colleagues with weblogs. Carla Verwijs shares her expectations of weblogs, passion for finding out what motivates people to share knowledge and makes me absolutely happy by posting summary of paper by Kidd (1994) which was in my “to blog” list for ages.

Kidd concludes that computer support for human information processing needs reconsideration. “True knowledge work cannot be automated”, is the author’s conclusion. Or, when it can be stored it is no knowledge work. I think weblogs can play a role in this new support for knowledge workers, as ‘knowledge organiser’.

The reference (in case you care 🙂 – Kidd, A. (1994). The marks are on the knowledge worker. Proceedings of CHI ’94. ACM Press: Boston, MA., pp.186-191.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/03/02.html#a1106; comments are here.

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