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Discovering the iceberg of knowledge work: A weblog case

Finished. Submitted. Happy 🙂

Discovering the iceberg of knowledge work: A weblog case (.pdf), paper accepted for OKLC04 (earlier title – What’s in it for me? Using weblogs to understand knowledge workers)

The term knowledge work has been used for decades, but to date there is not much understanding what knowledge workers do and how this work can be improved. This paper contributes to the development of our theoretical understanding of knowledge work by exploring use of weblogs for professional purposes: as personal knowledge repositories, learning journals or networking instruments. We draw on the results of a weblog adoption study to explore knowledge worker activities and to propose a framework for analysing knowledge work.

In other words: I discuss what’s wrong with existing knowledge work models, present and analyse examples of “knowledge work” weblog uses from my weblog adoption study for BlogTalk and propose “3 circles” model of knowledge work (AKA personal something management).

Thanks to weblog community for inspiration and continues conversations on ideas behind this paper and especially to Jack Vinson for spending precious weekend time to review “close to final” version.

This post also appears on channel weblog research

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/02/29.html#a1103; comments are here.

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