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Research on learning effects of (web)browsing?

I’m looking for any existing research on learning effects of web browsing.

I’m interested most in incidental and implicit learning, learning about things we were not going to learn and learning that we are not aware of. For example, I may browse through A-list blogs in search of specific information, but on the way I learn who is who, who fights and befriends with whom, learn about events they are invited to, pick up a couple of memes, learn what’s hot about RSS and Atom, find out about Dave’s new design, etc.

Of course, it connects with my interests on lurking and weblog reading 🙂

So far I found only Incidental learning during information retrieval: A hypertext experiment, which is 15 years old. May be I just don’t know right terminology to search for 🙂 Any recommendations are welcome…

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/02/28.html#a1099; comments are here.

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