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Radio Userland: what I love and hate about it

Things that I love about Radio (and what it does better than e.g. TypePad):

  • real WISIWIG formatting (and not buttons that add the code)
  • including the fact that it preserves formatting while copy-pasting (this is bad if you copy from Word, but I have my workaround 😉
  • lists as formatting options
  • shortcuts (in fact I use them to style quotes, so almost in every post!)
  • trackbacks to my own posts (= if I link to my earlier post, the trackback is shown there, so all my posts get bi-directional linking)
  • liveTopics
  • built-in News Aggregator

Things that I hate about Radio:

Radio is a mix of many great “user experience” ideas, but most of them are half done. For example, I stopped using categories only because they produce broken RSS. I really don’t understand why these guys are not paying enough attention to their customers :(((

The bottom line: if TypePad developers add something like liveTopics (not k-collector in its current functionality) and provide easy way to migrate from Radio with comments and trackbacks I’d probably move. Or may be I just wait for Tinderbox for Windows 🙂

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/02/28.html#a1100; comments are here.

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