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  Tuesday, February 17, 2004

  You need to walk this country to see it

Some of my colleagues are starting weblogs. Last week we had a walk-through TypePad session. I consider it to be the easiest weblog tool and I was surprised how difficult it was. It's not much about usability, it's about learning the whole new domain: posts, permalinks, trackbacks, pinging... It's could be so confusing...

Today we had a Bloglines intro. I'm alway talking about RSS and news aggregators and I guess that my colleagues know the mantra "do not start a weblog without RSS feed", but still... reading and hearing about it is one thing and watching one click subscribe and one page picture of who is updating is different.

Jill is right, you need to walk this country to see it. If you want to help someone starting blogging, do not spend time talking. Sit next to them when they register and make their first post. Be a guide - experience better than words...

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  AOK discussion on IPKM

Reading AOK discussion on IPKM instead of working (I guess I can say it's my "PhD work" :). If you have an interest in the topic (or othe in-depth KM conversations), you may be interested to join.

Of course, some KM bloggers are already there David Gurteen, Denham Grey , Jim McGee, Dave Pollard and I guess others will join. I'm curious to see if our "losely coupled" weblog conversations will turn into something else in the mailing list format...

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