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  Monday, February 16, 2004

  My personal KM

From Three thousand communities of practice by Steve Barth

But for me, the accusation that personal knowledge management is somehow antisocial or discounts the importance of collaborative learning and innovation is entirely inappropriate. The whole point is that collaborative work requires more of the individualónot less. And we are ill-equipped to handle those obligations and responsibilities.

The more people there are in a formal or informal network, the more connections and interactions each of us are likely to have. The more interactions we have, the more kinds of interaction we have, and therefore, the more kinds of interaction we have to be capable of handling. Meanwhile, the more interactions we have, the more obligations we have to share our knowledge with other people in the network.

No two members of the community will see that community in the same way. Each of us is the center of our own universe. Even if our communities have the same members, the difference between my community and your community is that Iím in the center of my network and youíre the center of your network. We can each only perceive our networks from the perspective of our own nodes.

I'm 100% agree and to be fair I do not undestand (again) why Denham contrasts personal and social sides in PKM instead of looking for synergies between them:

[source] PKM to me is a paradox -- knowledge in my world is socially constructed -- it is not about organizing your thoughts, learning to use tools or developing individual competences -- it is about dialog, community and collaboration.

[source] Getting into a personal huddle, organizing your thoughts and reflecting on the personal past can easily take you away from awareness of real flow and emergence - where it all happens.

I made an updated version for my personal something management model, I'll call it personal KM untill we come up with a better label. I place conversations in a middle (because, as Denham, I think they belong there), but I believe we have to account for the things around it as well. For me personal KM is about being aware of conversations you engage in (both actively and by being exposed to as a lurker), relations that enable them, and ideas that you take from and bring into these conversations.

Personal KM model updated

And I'd love to hear from Denham what's wrong with this pucture (conversations with him is my very important source of inspiration ;)

  IPKM: Inter-Personal Knowledge Management

This is not fair: David Gurteen is starting a two-week discussion at AOK on Inter-Personal Knowledge Management. And I'm off to Moscow for five days, have to finish a paper within 10 days and on the top of it can't change my AOK maillist subscription to individual messages or simply read it on-line...

Anyway, I hope I'll be able to contribute.

So far you can enjoy Three thousand communities of practice by Steve Barth and (usual :) sceptical reaction by Denham Grey.

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