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  Sunday, February 15, 2004

  Bringing a bit of magic into your life

If you are not reading Passion Catalyst Curt Rosengren yet you probably should start doing it. Curt is blogging about things that can help you to find your passion and to make a living by doing things you like.

Some of the recent posts:

On Friday a lot of my memories were triggered by Make your own luck pointing to an article with the same title. I have a very special relations with luck: some of people around me think that I'm lucky, but I do not think so. I just think that your dreams come true if you believe in them and start doing something, and it works for me :)

I guess it started when I was a teenager. At that time I have a lot of influence from "new age" magazines and books that started to appear in post-Soviet Russia. Between other things I've found there something about effects of visualising things you want in your life... Then I remembered myself in the university explaining my fellow students how get the best marks during exams. And then, a few years later, telling to a friend my own theory about magic, only to discover a year after that it was quite close to NLP Walt Disney technique :)

So, how to bring a bit of magic into your life according to my theory:

  • Think about something you would like to be a part of your life.
  • Think about your dream as it is already part of your life, imagine all kind of it, feel as it is real.
  • Now think about ways to get it in your life. Do not limit your imagination, think about all crazy and impossible things that can bring your dream to you.
  • Look at all these crazy ways to make your dream coming true and think about small steps that can bring you dream a bit closer and fit your current reality.
  • Make one of those small steps towards your dream :)

The components of my "magic theory" are simple - believe in your dreams, think of them as they are real and act to bring them into your life - yet I'm discovering them again and again :))) 

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