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  Thursday, February 12, 2004

  Context and attribution

Dwight Shih:

I can't begin to enumerate the reasons to make content available on the web. But I can confidently say that people work better when their work is appreciated. And links, in context and with attribution, are how we show appreciation on the web.

RSS feeds are freely available. That doesn't give you all rights to the content in those feeds. Please add context and attribution when incorporating items from RSS feed in your weblog. Attribution via a title link to the author's weblog is not enough add enough context to identify it as another's work.

There are some quotes from my weblog in other places that do not make me happy... So, if you care, I would appreciate the following while quoting from my weblog:

1. Permalink to weblog post: click on a post title or # next to it to get the link (I know that I should add explicit "permalink" link, but I have to find a macro that does it in Radio).

2. Blockquote/color/bold/italic or another visible way to differentiate my text from your own words.

3. I'm not very happy when my whole post is quoted without any comments, but I can leave with it if you take care about points 1 and 2.

4. Images: please, make sure that image is linked to the post from there it taken (=you'll get to my post clicking on the image).

More on: blogging etiquette 

  danah boyd: notes on Revenge of the User talk

danah boyd: detailed notes on Revenge of the User talk.

The technology will not solve the social, but each design decision made in the technology affects the social. There is no formula though, no clear algorithm. No social scientist can predict what social behavior will emerge from each technology you build. But we can make sense out of what is going on and we can help you iterate.

The biggest trick in social software is to realize that, just like we can't predict the behavior that users will have, we can't force them into behaving the way we want them to behave while simultaneously giving them freedom to be social. The only thing that we can do is try to understand what is motivating new behaviors and figure out how to adjust the technology accordingly.

Read it yourself. It's about social theories, YASNs, tech-social interplay and the role of research in this whole thing.

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