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My future job

[This post was in drafts, but I decided to post it as it is – April 2008]

Recently I had been talking a few times about my future professional plans. Not those in 1-2 year frame, but what I’d like to do in 5 years. There are many uncertaities there, but one things is clear: I’d like to work in Russia. Sometimes I’m very convinced that I’ll find a job to do things I believe in, but at other moments I’m not so sure. At the end, spending 2,5 years abroad makes your views about home less accurate.

[not finished]

Please, note, that I’m not looking for a job now (I’m on a mission 😉 , I just want it to be written down, so in a few years I see how idealistic or how right I was. And those recruiters who may find this post googling me after my job applications, would know the truth even if I say that I’m ready for a compomise :)))

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