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  Monday, February 02, 2004

  Publishing preprints on-line

I did some browsing following Seb's post about twelfth declaration of independence from a costly publisher. Between other things I found an answer to my earlier question about publishing preprints on-line:

EPrints.org - Self-Archiving FAQ: The author holds the copyright for the pre-refereeing preprint, so that can be self-archived without seeking anyone else's permission. For the refereed postprint, the author can try to modify the copyright transfer agreement to allow self-archiving, or, failing that, can append or link a corrigenda file to the already self-archived preprint.

There is more to read there, so I know where to start to work on my "academic publishing awareness" :)

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  Your feedback...

It feels so good finding many comments and blog-related e-mails after a long off-line day. It feels like being connected, like being a part of this very strange tribe where weak ties are often stronger then strong ties...

May be the greatest reward of blogging as you feel and not caring much about your audience is in the feedback you get. It gives a feeling of being accepted as you are, without a need to conform, to behave, to play others' rules...

Thanks to you all :)

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  Don't tell me how to blog

Wizbang! by Kevin Aylward, Don't tell me how to blog:

I've been at this blogging thing for a relatively short period of time compared to many of the other bloggers I know. In that time I've seen bits and pieces of a set of norms, or "rules" if you will, scattered around the blogosphere. These "rules" are mostly unwritten, but some are buried in the archives of the blogosphere. For new bloggers they lurk like tiny land mines waiting to be stepped on.


Wizbang is whatever I feel like it should be that: week; day; or post. Nothing more, nothing less. Some day's it will be funny (I hope), other days it will serious, some times it will get personal, often it may be lame (sorry). One thing it will never be is sanctimonious. My way of blogging works for me, your way works for you. I'm not going to tell you how you're doing it is wrong, and you sure as hell better not try to tell me I'm doing it wrong.

I will listen the views and thoughts of those I respect and make changes to how I blog at my discretion. If I want to pull cheap stunts to drive up traffic; I will. If I want to start posting the Communist Manifesto one page at a time; I will. If I want to start posting my breakfast menu; I will. In short, I'll do what I please, thank you very much...


The one rule I will respect is the NIMBY rule. I'll treat your blog like it is your house; I'll wipe my feet before entering and not make a mess while I'm visiting. But at my blog I'll lounge around; leave trash and laundry on the floor; forget to mow the lawn for a few weeks, etc. if that's how I'm feeling. I expect you to treat my blog like I would treat yours. Sorry, the only one who gets to leave dirty dishes on the coffee table is me.

I wonder how many bloggers share this position (I do :) vs. writing for the audience and closely monitoring what the audience wants...

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