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  Monday, January 26, 2004

  Wanted: research on not using public spaces to document experiences

Note: this is a bit of background thinking for my earlier post on personal ways of doing things in public.

We did several studies looking on how people are finding in-house knowledge in their company (e.g. who knows/what was done on a specific topic). Our main finding* is that in most of cases people search personal spaces (own paper/digital archives, mailboxes) for clues or ask people in their personal network.

I guess this "searching behaviour" would be correlated with "sharing behaviour", especially in case of documents: preferring use of personal spaces (because it's easier) and forgetting about public spaces (because it's extra work). Some examples I have in mind:

  • forgetting to add documents to central document management system while maintaining personal archives
  • forgetting to update personal expertise profile in a corporate "yellow pages" directory
  • resistance in documenting best practices
  • communicating via e-mail and not in on-line community

So far these guesses are based on my intuition and knowledge about difficulties of implementing KM, but I don't have any hard data. I would appreciate if you can point to any documented examples or research illustrating/confirming (or contradicting) my assumptions.

* We are working on a paper with more details.

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