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  Friday, January 23, 2004

  Do you want to redesign my weblog?

I'm thinking of making myself a present - finding someone to redesign my weblog :)

What do I want:

CSS-based design

  • fast loading
  • accessible (at least for most important points)
  • with a print version
  • redesigned in yellow-orange colors (I think I would like it, but I have to see it first :)
  • probably keeping main text as black/blue on the white background (may reconsider)
  • I would prefer not to change default link colors as well :)
  • may be styling quotes differently
  • simple, with space, but with all info easily accessible
  • something I could edit myself in the future

I need a logo - I have draft drawings, but need a professional touch on it

Unified templates for homepage, archive pages, stories, outlines and topic pages with a smart integration of all add-ons I have (although I'm ready to reconsider what it really needed)

  • post level: comments, trackbacks, topics, categories (?), Waypath plug-in (?)
  • pages: search, menus, translation, recent posts (?), recent keywords (?), may be a space for ads ;)
  • probably integrated bars for the recent posts from other weblogs (at least my my del.icio.us links)

I would consider redesign as a visit to hairdresser: I'll try to articulate my ideas about what it should be, but leave it to the fantasy/experience of a professional to make something better out of what I have...

So, if you want to do the work or know someone who can do it, please, let me know - Click here to send an email to Lilia. I'm ready to pay something: I have no idea how much it could cost, but we can negotiate :)

If you are not a web-designer, but "normal" reader of my weblog you suggestions are especially welcome.

More on: Radio usability 

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