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  Wednesday, January 21, 2004

  KnowledgeBoard blogs statistics

Did some maintanance work on the blogs of KnowledgeBoard members: checking if weblogs were alive and adding missing RSS feeds to public Bloglines aggregation of KnowledgeBoard blogs.


  • 50 weblogs in the list
  • 12 do not have RSS feeds (were not find by Bloglines and by me looking at blogs' homepages)
  • 6 were not updated within last 2 month
  • 4 broken/not availiable

I'm thinking if I should generate missing RSS feeds via Blogstreet (is there better way?) or ask bloggers to do it themselves.

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  RSS WinterFest

In case you don't know: RSS WinterFest has started (login to join webcast). The official site it's a bit confusing, I find underlying SocialText RSS WinterFest space more clear.

Things you may be interested to check:

I'm listening to the overview session with Dave Winer (notes by Ross Mayfield, more notes).


  • An explanation of Dave Winer of the abbreviation: it's actually means "Really Simple Syndication" and not something else :)
  • What is RSS? 

Dave Winer: Automated web surfing

Scott Mace: It's more like a smart librarian who brings useful materials to me. CORRECTION: More like a dumb librarian who works very fast with a large set of personalized search instructions.

I'm SO confused with a combination of so many communication channels...

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  Ideal case of employee weblogs

Think of a company that wants to experiment with public employee (not group/project) weblogs, understanding that they would give more "human" face to its on-line presence. I wrote about possible choices and questions before, but this time I want to be more specific.

I could think of two "extreme" choices: (a) establishing a weblog space on corporate web-site and (b) personally hosted weblogs linked from corporate web-site.

A. Corporate web-site weblogs B. Personal weblogs
  • Hosted at corporate web-site
  • Clear corporate affiliation, copyright and legal implications
  • Centralised technology infrastructure and support
  • Corporate control over weblog content
  • Personally hosted weblogs are linked from corporate web-site
  • "My company is not responsible" statement and personal copyright
  • Personal choice of technology infrastructure and support
  • Personal future-proof control over weblog content
  • Example: Jupiter Research blogs

    Example: Groove Networks blogs

  • Low technology threshold 
  • Employee has to take care of corporate interests while writing
  • After employee leaves: stays with a company
  • High technology threshold 
  • Freedom of speech (writing :) - personal decisions on what matters
  • After employee leaves: stays with an employee
  • Bottom line: easier to start, more control and benefits for a company, but less motivation to write

    Bottom line: difficult to start, less benefits for a company, but more personal motivation

    Now I'm thinking about an ideal case somewhere in between:

    • company provides a hosting space and centralised technical infrastructure for weblogs
    • weblogs are clearly marked as a personal initiative
    • employee has an opportunity to import/export content (see who owns narrated experiences?), company has an opportunity to aggregate/reuse content

    Closest example: Weblogs at Harvard law (terms of use).

    Bottom line: low threshold to start a weblog + high motivation to write + shared benefits

    This post also appears on channel weblog research

    Please note, that although posted in my personal weblog, this post was provoked by my discussion with colleagues, written during my work hours and it is a part of weblog research we do. I'm responsible for it personally, but my company is likely to expect some benefits from it :)

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