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Weblog networking: emotional connections

One more piece from e-mails of Martin Dugage:

I don’t know you, nor do I know Sebastien Paquet, Martin Röll, Judith Meskill or other authors of the few weblogs I scan regularly, but after six months of blogging, I tend to prune my blogrolling list now, keep a shortlist of weblogs I like, and cast the fishing rod once more to find others. But I am not only doing this on the basis of the relevance of those weblogs for my own practice. There is also a personal desire to know more about their authors as people (Who’s behind the weblog? Why is he or she doing this?), to try and figure out what it is they are really looking for, and, if possible, to do something for them. It’s not completely rational, because what all of you are doing can be quite remotely connected to what I am doing, but still, I like your styles, I’d like to know what makes you tick, what it is you are really fighting for. When you are moving away from pure self-interest, there are human emotions involved. What makes blogging exciting is this desire for community. Fishing for friends, in a sense.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2003/12/23.html#a885; comments are here.

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