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  Thursday, December 18, 2003

  Personal effectiveness in a knowledge intensive environment

I guess I found a good way of explaining the focus of my PhD research. Talking about knowledge work is confusing, because it could be considered  not only from individual perspective I want to emphasise. Talking about knowledge workers is even more confusing, because there are not many people these days that don't have aspects of knowledge work in their work. Personal knowledge management is also limited, I'd like to take networking into play and it's not implicit in the term.

So this is what I have in mind now: personal effectiveness in a knowledge intensive environment. I wonder if it will survive and end up in the title of my dissertation at the end :)

  Adding machine-translation to your weblog

Martin Roell shares a secret of adding machine-translation to your weblog. The instructions are clear, but I have to figure out how to do it for Radio.

I guess the main problem is to find out how to add page link to the equation. I can think of two ways of doing it:

  • on server-side (as Marting did), adding a parameter that says "look for the url of this page and add it"
  • by blogging software, adding a macro in a template that inserts page url when page is generated

I guess I'll try the second one after I find the right macro :)

Posted a question to Radio support forum...

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