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Conferences 2004

2004 conferences I’m thinking about:

  • March 25-25Web-based communities 2004, Lisbon, Portugal – paper has been submitted, waiting
  • April 2-3OKLC04, Innsbruk, Austria – abstract has been accepted, so I’ll go there
  • June 21-26ED-MEDIA, Lugano, Switzerland – may be
  • June 30-July 2I-KNOW, Graz, Austria – may be
  • July 5-6BlogTalk, Vienna, Austria – will do everything to go
  • August 30-September 1ICALT, Joensuu, Finland – may be
  • September – KM Summer School – may be organising
  • September 19-22AOIR, Sussex, UK – may be
  • November – KM Europe

An observation: many of these conferences are in Austria and ED-MEDIA/I-KNOW/BlogTalk make a good time/location combination.

For sure I don’t have neither time to submit nor budget to go to all of them (and I expect others to pop up), but having this list helps making choices. Please, let me know if any of these conferences is in your own list – being sure of meeting interesting people increases the probability of choosing a conference 🙂

Deadlines to watch

  • December 19ED-MEDIA full/brief paper (4-8/2-6 pages), panel/roundtable/video festival/student panel/poster/demonstration proposal (2-6 pages) detail requirements
  • January 26I-KNOW long abstract (4 pages)
  • February 2AOIR paper/creative presentation abstract (500-1000 words), panel (500 words general + 500 words for each presenter)
  • February 13ICALT full/short paper (5/3 pages), poster/tutorial/workshop proposal (2 pages)
  • March 17BlogTalk, proposal (250 words)
  • April 26I-KNOW camera ready
  • May 3ED-MEDIA camera ready
  • May 24ICALT camera ready

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