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  Friday, November 21, 2003

  What to publish to start collaboration

Collaboration recommendations [via Lee Bryant]

It is a set of recommendations designed to suggest a system in which people in the company are encouraged to publish information to each other and collaborate with and through that information.

I think these recommendations are worth posting here as they suggests a set of requirements that microcontent oriented systems (like the iCite net, wikis, blogs, etc.) might best match.

Worth reading (note to myself - especially having in mind weblog pilot).

  Publishing preprints on-line: please explain the rules

I guess there are some experienced researchers out there. Can anyone explain me what are the usual policies about publishing preprints on-line?

I can often see preprints of conference or journal articles at researcher's pages, I guess posting them is the normal practice, but I can't find any good explanations of do's and don'ts. My specific questions are:

  • What could be counted as a preprint? How close to the final version it could be?
  • Do I have to get any permissions from a publisher to post a preprint on-line? Do I have any specific responsibilities if I pots it? Do I have to remove it once published version is on or can I keep it?
  • If I post drafts on-line, what is the usual practice - to keep different versions (so it's clear if someone refers to the old one) or to have only the recent one?
  • What can go wrong with publishing preprints on-line?

I asked related question before (Weblog and paper blind review), but this one is much broader. Ideally I'd like to have my "close to finished" research work availiable on-line for a feedback, but I don't want to get into copyright troubles with publishers...

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  Link between KM and innovation

Many controversial answers by KM Europe participants on Where do you see the link between KM and innovation? Good for thinking :)

  How not to get fired because of your blog

Nice to start a day with a smile reading another example of Blogger customer education (Creative Tutorials series) - How not to get fired because of your blog 

If you work for a company with a "faceless behemoth" corporate policy, you may need to modify the intellectual environment before even suggesting a blogging policy. This can be daunting, but we've got you covered. Or rather, Chris, David, Doc and Rick have you covered.

First, get your hands on multiple copies of The Cluetrain Manifesto, the entire text of which is available for free online. Then launch a quiet campaign to work the manifesto into the upper echelons of your corporate hierarchy.

Put a copy in the break room on top of the donut box, run out to the parking lot and stick one under your CEOs windshield wiper, stand outside the executive washroom with some mints and a basket of books, or just walk up to your manager and say, "Oh, and here's that book you wanted."

Distribute the book. Once the ideas contained therein begin to soak into the minds of your bosses, conditions will eventually ripen to the point that you will be empowered to step up to the challenge of suggesting that blogging has value for your company. We at Blogger encourage you to do so.

Nice recipe :) Although my company supports blogging I guess distributing copies of The Cluetrain Manifesto would not hurt :)))

And an optimistic final:

 If you end up getting yourself fired for blogging, deep down you must have really wanted out of that job. If that's the case, keep blogging. With your newfound status as one of only a handful of people in the world who have been "fired for blogging," you should be able to grab some headlines. Fan those flames! You could wind up on Oprah with a million dollar book deal. Theoretically.

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