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  Tuesday, November 18, 2003

  Full text RSS: let readers decide

Jim McGee asks for full text RSS feeds. I'm joining.

Here is my list of weblogs I wish I could read in full text: Blog de Halavais - Mopsos - Knowledge-at-work - Intellectual Capital Punishment - Knowledge Bridge - jill/txt - Ross Mayfield's Weblog - Many-to-Many - Internet Time Blog - misbehaving.net - Column Two - mamamusings.net

[Update: some of these blogs provide full-text RSS, but I can't see it because of Radio news aggregator bug]

How to do it: 

  • full text RSS in Movable Type
  • TypePad (don't know if it works in Basic version, but it works in Plus and Pro): go to your weblog > select Configure > select Publicity & Syndication > scroll down > select "Yes, syndicate the entire post" > save changes

If you need a justification, please read this conversation:

Liz Lawley:

I think for many of us the goal is to get our thoughts *written*--the being read is a secondary bonus. :)

The real problem with full-text feeds, I think, is that they make it more likely that comments--which I think are a critical part of many weblog entries--will be missed. :(


When you don't provide full-text so that folks will come and see the comments, you are deciding for them how they should use the feed. Why not just not have a feed, then you are guaranteed anyone reading your entries is doing it by the web interface. What if the user has no interest in the comments, even if you think they are the best parts? I don't like deciding for my readers what is of value to them. That's their call.

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  What to do if your Mom discovers your blog...

Fun stuff via Jack Vinson: Mom Finds Out About Blog and What to do if your Mom discovers your blog... response by Blogger

Blogger employees love their Moms as much as you do. We also strive to understand the needs and concerns of our users in these complex times. Be nice to your Mom and call her at least once a week. Take her out to lunch once in a while, show some respect. And most importantly, don't give her more to worry about than she already has - if that means steering her gently away from your blog, so be it. We're here to help.

A funny way of curstomer service and customer education :)

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