KM Europe: summary

by Lilia Efimova on 15 November 2003

I’m back from KM Europe. That was a strange conference. If I think along content vs. networking scale it was much about networking. Or networking and peer-generated content. I’m sure I’ve learnt more from talks around coffee, food and walking in Amsterdam than from the formal program.

I will try to post specific notes about some sessions, but so far general insights.

Building bridges. I had a lot of fun of getting people from my blogging network and from my Knowledge Board/KM Summer School 2003 network talking to each other. Hope they had fun as well.

Main lines that emerged in my head from visiting presentations and talking with people:

  • exposure to differences and “mind stretching” are very important for learning and innovation and related issue of apprenticeship models vs. exposure to differences
  • KM is much about interplay between public and private spaces and related question about what happens once private becomes visible
  • how do you find what you need to know (or – the cost of not knowing)

I wonder if it is an objective confirmation for my own beliefs (e.g. that learning comes from recognising differences) or I just filtered out things that are aligned with my own thinking and research :)

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