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KM Europe: random quotes and thoughts

I know that drafted blog posts have to be finished within a few days, otherwise I never finish them. This collection of quotes and thoughts from KM Europe is still drafted, but I post it before it gets lost.

Edna Pasher

  • biggest KM challenge is not knowing what we have to know (me – how do you know what you need to know?)
  • you need “critical mess” (I’m not sure now if it was Edna or Ton who sat next to me)
  • If you see a conference with “emergent” in the title, go there.

Dave Snowden: if you force visibility into a system you stuffle innovation

Gerald Prast: BLOG = Benign Low-threshold On-line Growth

Audran Sevrain: blog is personal intranet

Knowledge Board discussion – activity vs. content access

Things to think about:

  • weblogs and apprenticeship
  • blogging in different languages (extend to multiple blogs): difficulty of switching contexts
  • visibility and traces, public and personal spaces

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2003/11/15.html#a836; comments are here.

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