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Weblogs: Simplifying Web Publishing

IEEE Computer Magazine: Weblogs: Simplifying Web Publishing by Charlie Lindahl and Elise Blount (registration required). There is a companion blog for this article, but there is not much there.

3 pages popular tech article about weblogs: intro, a bit on comsumer-producer blur, a lot on blogging system features (separating content from presentation, templates, blogger APIs, information management, syndication), a bit on expected integration with mobiles.

For my taste, technical aspects of blogging are described well, but there is totall miss of social aspects (may be the fact that I wasn’t able to find the authors blogs in Google explains it ;). I don’t believe that the best thing of blogs is easy webpublishing.

And a quote:

There are two basic blog styles: filters and journals. The filter style focuses on a collection of links to other Web sites. The journal style is an online personal diary with dated entries presented in a “stream of consciousness.” Both styles use headlines and excerpts — putting the most recent entry at the top of the Web page — to entice readers to investigate further.

This makes me wondering what is the style of my blog? Somewhere in between? And I don’t have excerpts :)))

Nothing new, but nice to know as a paper reference on tech side of blogs.

This post also appears on channel weblog research

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