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  Wednesday, November 05, 2003

  Weblog as knowledge networker instrument: questions

Brief summary of the issues that came out during presentation of my PhD research.

Weblogs seems to be good for novices, but what can they give to senior experts?

  • Learning from weblogs? Experts have their own networks and professional bodies and rely on them for staying updated with the field and for new insights. This can be even overloading, so there is no reason to add one more way.
  • Sharing insights? If you are not recognised as an expert you are likely to share more ideas as this is a way to get recognition. If you are already recognised you are likely to publish small bits of ideas for marketing, but will not share real insight or techniques (next to it they are likely to be copyrighted or patented).
  • I wonder if it's right that weblogs are more valuable for people without established knowledge sharing networks (novices, moving to another area of interest, looking for interdisciplinary connections). Is there differences in why professors and students blog?

How weblogs are integrated with other tools?

  • Weblog could be good for managing ideas and links, but it's one more system next to e-mail, file archives and corporate repositories. Why should we use one more tool?
  • I had some answers here (e.g. weblogs can substitute at least bookmarks and reading notes; e-mail integration trends).

Big brother

  • Weblogs makes expertise, knowledge flows and social networks visible. What's about privacy? Resistance to let everyone know? Misuse?

Corporate weblogs

  • Weblogs ecosystems seems to be a good example of slef-regulated peer-groups, but how their dynamics would interact with hierarchical and control-based organisational structures.
  • This is why I'm so interested and so scared to study weblogs: there are many interesting issues there. Next to pub

My research (more)

  • What scientific value does studying weblogs brings?
  • If the ambition is to contribute to the understanding of knowledge work a study of weblogs only will have a questionable scientific value. What about comparing findings about knowledge worker activities with non weblog cases.

This post also appears on channel weblog research

  Weblog as knowledge networker instrument

Today I had a presentation about my PhD ideas of studying weblogs. These are links for the participants (see also summary of questions asked).

More on: blog research PhD 

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