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  Tuesday, November 04, 2003

  Converted to RSS reading :)

John Moore:

I've finally started paying attention to RSS and all this stuff about "Blog Aggregators". The final shove was wanting to get Martin Roell's English feed.

Knowing myself, I decided the easiest way to find out what they do is just to install one and see what happens. I did a quick google and after a few minutes decided to try SharpReader. I tend to go for half-informed blunders on this kind of thing, as I'm better with experimenting than with reading in the abstract.

Already, I really like it. After figuring out one glitch (had to cancel the default setting to "Proxy Server", whatever that means) it works a treat. Slightly slow to load but a great time saver. Instead of slavishly visiting all my favourite bloggers, often to find they've not updated, it instantly shows me a summary of who's written and who's been silent.

And prompted me to fiddle with the XML feeds this blog generates...

There are many interesting comments about weblog reading that I'd like to discuss (1, 2, 3) but no time. Hope I'll be able to do it this week.

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  BlogTalk 2004

Great news from Thomas Burg - BlogTalk 2.0 geht an den Start! 

What I was able to get with Google translation:

Watch BlogTalk web-site for the official announcements.

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