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  Thursday, October 30, 2003

  Knowledge worker spaces

A bit more knowledge networker thinking for my PhD research (I'm looking at weblogs as a case to understand knowledge workers).

I distingush between three directions of weblog use by knowledge workers (slightly different earlier version with more details):

  • personal information management
  • conversations and networking
  • learning

This makes me thinking that it may be more useful to consider knowledge work not as creating-learning-sharing-applying knowledge, but as system of activities in three interrelated spaces:

  • Idea space (managing ideas): creating, capturing, organising and applying ideas
  • People space (managing relations): establishing, maintaining and activating connections with others
  • I space (managing yourself): learning
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  Recently online on knowledge workers

As I promised: recently online about knowledge workers.

"CIO knowledge worker" series by Davenport:

Jim McGee's letter commenting on Davenport - Knowledge Workers Should Watch Themselves (thanks to Jack Vinson): knowledge work can not be automated and knowledge workers are only those who can judge the quality of it

Dave Pollard posts a paper about The future of knowledge managament with practical suggestions for improving knowledge worker productivity.

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  Knowledge worker paradox

I guess I'm part of the broader KM trend: writing about knowledge worker productivity :)

I wrote a story, Knowledge worker paradox, where I try to explain why "When it comes to knowledge workers, we pretty much hire smart people and leave them alone" (Davenport).

One sentence summary: organisations focus on things they can control and can measure, thus knowledge work is left to knowledge workers.

Please note:

  1. My thinking was inspired by the iceberg metaphor used to describe informal learning and Jim McGee's writing on knowledge work as invisible craft.
  2. This is part of my research, so your comments will be extremely helpful.
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