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  Tuesday, October 28, 2003

  Explosive energy, fish and blogging

Recent discovery: La NuiT's Surfing (RSS feed). For example this post - Hybrid media and its resultant explosive/implosive energy:

McLuhan writes, "The hybrid or the meeting of two media is a moment of truth and revelant from which new form is born. For the parallel between two media holds us on the frontiers between forms that snap us out of the Narcissus-narcosis. The moment of the meeting of media is a moment of freedom and release from the ordinary trance an numbness imposed by them on our senses." (Understanging Media, pg. 55.)

[...]Blogs are one of these intriguing "hybrids" (or in my view, maybe even the 'meta'-hybrid) that McLuhan tries to inform us about as per quote above. He says that when we get hybrids (interprenetration of one medium by another), the violent release of energy (either by explosion or implosion, fusion or fission, this I am not so sure if I understand) snaps us out for a brief period from the "Narcissus-narcosis" in other words, "numbing" effect" (like the fish not knowing it is swimming in water, again.) McLuhan, in fact, sees this energy to be so violent as to call it a "civil war in media". The sometimes heated discussions that goes on about blogging does give one a sense of a "civil war", and it's happening in the electric medium! Hybrid energy is powerful stuff!

I feel that it somehow correlates with MonsterMedia - monstrosity in the face of weblogs, but I can't explain how.

Check also post on bloggers as fish:

So what do fishes have to do with blogging? Wouldn't you say we are all swimming in a current that we find difficult to grasp, like a fish doesn't really know that he is swimming in water until he is left on land?

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  What Matrix Persona Are You?

You are Morpheus-Was searching for The Matrix website and found this test What Matrix Persona Are You?

It says that I'm Morpheus :)

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  Hard lessons learnt

I'm still disconnected. I've learnt a lot about DNS these days, especially that it takes ages to get your domain name back once it switched off. I don't think I will forget to pay my domain name costs another time :)

So, what do I miss:

  • searching my weblogs for ideas and references when I need them
  • feeling that there is someone to listen when I write and hit "Publish"
  • looking for follow-ups of my posts and tracing emerging conversations
  • sending people my weblog link as an addition to two-lines intro

I feel disconnected and invisible, like I don't exist anymore. I know this is not true, I do exist, I enjoy autumn sunshine and I'm happy to reply to all the worried messages saying that it's just a technical problem and my weblog should be back. Still, writing this and knowing that it will not go in the air feels like trying to speak and realising that no word can reach others (thinking of the moment in The Matrix when Neo tries to speak and his mouth dissappears).

Anyway, autumn sunshine is still here, back to work and be patient...

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