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Was cleaning papers on my table and thought about fields that I had to look at during last two years in my current job…

Deepening my “old” topics:

  • learning: informal and incidental learning, implicit learning and reflection, transfer of learning
  • change management: technology adoption

New topics:

  • KM theories and approachers, KM strategies and methods, CKOs, KM measurement (a bit), communities of practice, social networks, networking and contact management, knowledge workers, personal knowledge/information management, information search and retrieval, information literacy, knowledge mapping, ontology construction
  • weblogs, wikis and other “social software” things
  • research methodology

“Old” topics that I’m not doing much about:

  • e-learning: formal e-learning, technologies (LMS and so on)
  • HRD and the rest of formal part of corporate learning (but I do a lot about “connecting” these things with KM)

Hope I’ll be able to build meaningful connection between all these things without loosing focus 🙂

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2003/10/17.html#a806; comments are here.

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