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  Saturday, October 11, 2003

  Perseus weblog study (2)

Some follow-ups for Perseus weblog study

  • Phil Wolff: summary and reasons for abandoned blogs
  • Clay Shirky: on below-average abondonment rate of LiveJournal and writing vs. reading focus of analysis (see also comments for more explanations about LiveJournal and use of survey results)
  • Oliver Wrede: publishing 'personal' vs. 'professional' life and stopping blogging
  • Jim Elve: flaws, explanations of abandoned blogs
  • Nick Douglas: a bit on dinamics of switching from hosting to your own sever and community
  • Jim McGee: 'This is a perfect application of Sturgeon's Law - "90% of everything is crud." '

Check links to the survey at Blogdex if you want more.

Also: Russian translation of survey results (without caveats!)
More on: blog research Russia 

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