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How to start blogging?

I’m constantly finding myself in trouble when people ask what they should do to start blogging. I don’t have any good step-by-step approach and I don’t know any good text on it that would satisfy me. May be you know something…

The prerequisites are:

  • Think of someone
    • thinking about starting professional or semi-professional weblog (=not a personal diary) in public
    • interested in using weblog for networking, so RSS is a must
    • non tech person (so no complicated install and preferably as less usability troubles as possible)
    • not sure if blogging will work for him/her (so paying for the blogging is questionable)
    • not an early adopter (so will likely to stop facing problems)
  • My questions
    • What weblog software would you recommend?
      • At this moment I’m leaning towards TypePad
    • Do you know good introductory articles about how do you start blogging that such a person should read?
      • I’m not interested in articles about “what blogs are?” and “why blogging?”. In most of the cases people I’m talking about have some understanding of weblogs and some ideas about What’s in it for me? I’m talking about people ready to give it a try.

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