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  Friday, October 03, 2003

  Technorati+TrackBack for tracking who links to a post

Sebastien's TrackBack from comments? makes me thinking about something else: Technorati+TrackBack combination for tracking who links to a post.

Starting point. Knowing who links to a specific post is important to follow the discussion. It also may say something about post quality (as inbound links to a weblog say something about it). Knowing who links to a specific post is interesting not only for a blogger, but also for blog readers.

Problem. Most of the comments in the blogosphere are written not as comments, but as posts in other weblogs. Sometimes weblogs that link to your post send TrackBacks and you may be able to receive and display them. Then the connection is visible for both blogger and readers.

But in most of the cases it's not possible to trace all incoming links with Trackbacks. In that case I use my Technorati page and today's referers. With those two I'm able to track most of the follow-up posts in other weblogs. [You can also trace post-specific links via Blogdex, but I'm not happy with coverage]

In this case there are two problems:

  • I have to check those tools regularly because links are not stored there and it's easy to miss interesting follow-up.
  • Links are not captured next to the post they refer to, which means that my readers can't find them (and I guess most of them will not go to Technorati to find links to a post between all other links to my weblog).

Possible solution. So far I found Technorati to be most accurate with finding links to my weblog. Ideally I'd like to receive a TrackBack from it for other weblog posts linking to each of my posts.

May be there are other solutions. I'd love to hear about them.

This post also appears on the channel lazyweb

Update: I wrote a follow-up post, I hope it provides better explanation of what I want.

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