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  Friday, September 05, 2003

  KMSS03: Getting ready

I'm leaving for KM Summer School 2003 tomorrow.

At the last moment I decided to make a poster about my research (posters are optional), still busy with it. Will share it after coming back because no way I can make an on-line version given the time left before my plane :)

I'm going to blog it, but it may be difficult as I'm a member of organising team. Really looking forward to see how it will work :)))

More on: KMSS 

  Waypath: better search in the blogosphere

Sebastien Paquet writes about Waypath. Last few days I was exploring Waypath too, but Seb points to an interesting example of using it: Michael Fagan adds Waypath link to all external links in his weblog. Michael explains it:

For those using newer browsers, you will also see bw after most links. These are both for further information. The b link takes you to a page on Blogdex that shows other blogs that link to that same link. You can visit these other blogs to read what other people have to say on the topic. The w link takes you to a page on Waypath, that shows you blog posts that are related to that link. This is another way to find what other bloggers are saying.

It's a pity that I didn't find any explanation how to do it (I guess this is not manual). But I found something else: Waypath plug-ins for MT and Radio to add "related posts from Waypath" link to your posts. Will try it in the evening.

As I understood in this plug-in Waypath uses some kind of smart keyword search instead of linking to other posts using links texts/addresses. I wonder if it will work better than Radio's Google it! macro, which I don't find very useful.

Finally, Waypath also allows RSS subscription to your searches.

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