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  Monday, August 18, 2003

  Site statistics for weblogs (2) and tracking tools

A follow-up to my earlier post about Site statistics for weblogs.

Finally I've got statistics for my weblog: it's server-based free The Webalizer. It collects data taken from server logs every night. Don't ask me how to install and tweak it - my husband did all the work :)

Next to it I got a comment from Lis with pointer to her collection of sites that track links to your weblog. Lis suggests to replace her weblog url with your own. I adapted her list for my weblog, added few services and some specific comments.

Alexa (Amazon) and All Consuming (for books) - these two are empty in my case.

Blogdex: incoming links to weblog homepage. You can get the same for any other page (by replacing the url), check most popular pages or outbound links.

Inbound links by The Blogosphere Ecosystem (Truth Laid Bear). As I understand this is a kind of parallel effort to Blogging Ecosystem by Myelin which includes both Inbound and outbound links

Blogrolling: blogrolls that include my blog. Nice, I didn't know about this one. 

BlogShares - incoming and outbound links next to all kinds of "financial" information. Some explanations of how it works.

Citations at DayPop. Also includes: Daypop Blogstats (related and similar weblogs), word bursts and other interesting things across blogosphere

Citations at Popdex

Inbound links by Technorati (tracks inbound links only from homepages of other weblogs). I regularly use it: somehow it's able to track more weblogs than other services. 

Links to my homepage by Google (you can try to get the same for other pages).

Links to my homepage by AllTheWeb.  Lis says that it's better than Google because Google only searches pages above a certain PageRank excluding smaller sites.

Inbound links by BlogMatrix (and a bit more). Provides RSS generation, promises threading conversations between blogs and has few other interesting things that I don't have time to dig out.

Inbound and outbound links by Organica 

Blogstreet stats Includes: who is blogrolling me, weblog Neighborhood (also visialised), RSS feed and more. Explanations of how it works. They are testing new service: RSS generator. It says "You can also use the RSS Generator to generate feeds containing only excerpts of posts for those blogs which put their entire posts in their feeds", but I wasn't able to find this functionality.

Something else: what ads Google would serve to my site (check for your own).

Later: this comment from Michael Fagan deserves "lifting":

Almost all of these can be accessed from my Page Info Viewer http://www.faganfinder.com/misc/site.shtml . The ones that can't will be when I upgrade.

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