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  Tuesday, August 12, 2003

  The greatest risk is in hanging onto what seems safe

Robert Paterson's :

The  paradox is that in a turbulent time, the greatest risk is in hanging onto what seems safe. The greatest safety - to reach into the unknown. This is surely not only true for each of us as individuals but also for organizations.

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  Trackback in Radio (2): bugs and features

As many others I'm happy to have Trackback in Radio, but I have bugs too.

Bug 1. Shortcuts are not expanded. Except from my post that TrackBack sends contains my shortcuts instead of full text. This will make me thinking twice about using shortcuts next time, which is stupid, because I really like this Radio feature (btw, for Radio guys: I stopped using categories because shortcuts are not supported in categories RSS feeds).

Bug 2. It doesn't work with KMpings. I tried to ping KMpings (as their instruction says - sending ping to this page). It doesn't work.

Also I would like to be able to define use of trackbacks per category:

  • Defining page(s) to be pinged automatically for all posts in a specific category
  • Switching trackback off for posts belonging only to a specific category (e.g. if I upstream one category to a password-protected location).

Do I have any chances to be heard? Please.

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