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Bricolage learning

George Siemens about Converging Knowledge Management, Training, and elearning:

This paper looks at several obviously converging concepts. Learning is a multi-faceted process…and one aspect is not indicative of the whole. For example, structured, classroom learning does not account for the values of learning through experience…and vice versa. The contradictory characteristics of learning (structured but open, constructive but knowable, personal but communal etc.) are best represented in creating a “whole perspective” view. KM has a role…but so does elearning…and communities…and classroom learning. To assume that learning can be represented/produced by only one approach is to misjudge how learning really happens. This is why the view of an LMS as the center of elearning is so limiting. It’s not about one thing…it’s about a bricolage.

Thanks for the bricolage learning methaphor (next to Jay’s “Bouillabaisse” learning 😉

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