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  Thursday, July 10, 2003

  Weblogging is merging with...?

Phil Wolf comments on my earlier note about the number of technologies one can cope with predictions about merging between e-mail and blogging clients. As usual, it worth reading as a whole, so just a short teaser:

A prediction:

The vendors who dominate messaging will shape blogging. AOL and Microsoft have fat clients, web clients, and chat clients. Watch them:

  1. Bring blogging into their messaging family.
  2. Absorb blogging user and group digital IDs into their identity mechanisms.
  3. Offer faceted blogs (everyone sees just what they're intended to see and not what they don't want to see) using digital ID. You're not part of their ID world? No facets.
  4. Push blogging into all their customer touch points (voice, SMS/iMode, handhelds, desktop software, etc.)
  5. Fold blogging community servers (the Technoratis and Popdexes) into email and search servers.
  6. Offer tools for good citizenship (i.e. censorship, filtering) via community servers.

I'm not recommending this, mind you. I just have a hard time imagining a sustainable alternative scenario.

See also Corante: Social software - More on merging IM and Blogging

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  Sweet home

I'm in Moscow at the moment and mainly off-line, but I'm thinking and talking about blogging a lot. Walking around I found myself "writing blog posts in my head" :)

I love this city and I wish I could be here more often. This is a downside of having fun job in another country: you miss your own places. Does anyone want to start a project in Russia?

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