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  Sunday, July 06, 2003

  How selection of blogging tool functionalities influences specific uses of blogs?

Clay Shirky about AOL choices for their blogging tools [Corante: Social Software]:

AOL, by its nature, will affect the future of weblogging by choosing to emphasize or de-empahsize certain aspects of these patterns, and some of those choices are already made.

I really wonder if there are more research on how selection of blogging tool functionalities influences specific uses of blogs [I touched this issue in my BlogTalk paper and also discussed off-line with Michael at I-KNOW 03].


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  New KM blog: metakappa by Gino Tocchetti

New blog about KM: metakappa by Gino Tocchetti. Don't have much time to check it now, just subscribed...

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  I-KNOW: my paper is on-line

Finally, I can share it: paper I presented at I-KNOW03 conference, 3-4 July 2003, Graz, Austria - "Converging knowledge management, training and e-learning: scenarios to make it work" and presentation. Abstract says:

Companies are starting to recognise synergies between knowledge management, training and e-learning programs, but a closer look reveals that these integration ideas are rarely implemented in practice. The goal of this paper is to provide a starting point for collaboration between corporate KM and HR/learning teams by mapping existing practices of linking KM, training and e-learning efforts. We provide an overview of experiences and future ideas of collaboration derived from several studies, group them in three themes and then illustrate each theme with a scenario. The first theme gives examples of using HR and training instruments to support knowledge management. The second theme represents cases of using KM methods (namely a community of practice) to support HR learning management efforts. The last theme describes how KM and HR/learning teams could work on joint initiatives. Then we discuss the added value of the scenarios and propose further practical steps and research directions.

Selected papers from the conference are availiabe on-line  during next two weeks.

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