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I-KNOW: morning thoughts

I’m missing some presentations because I’m finishing my slides (I present a paper in a couple of hours). It’s quiet in conference “e-mail room” and I’m happy to have a bit of time to check my news aggregator and to think.

Yesterday evening our discussions were jumping to blogs from time to time (at least after yesterday’s presentation of Jay Cross people know the word 🙂 I talked about my experiences and most common reply was “it sounds interesting, but I don’t have time”. I tried to explain that I don’t have time too and that blogging works for me when it integrates with or takes place of other activities. But still people are sceptical and don’t see the real value of blogging. I’m used to it and this just confirms my earlier observation: blogging value is difficult to explain to non-bloggers.

It’s pity that I’m not presenting about weblogs 🙂 There are a couple of nice examples:

1. Dina points to post of Microsoft employee, John Porcaro, who says:

Frank Maslowski, another stellar Microsoft employee (who happens to report to me) started up his blog. I’m officially adding blogging to all their review objectives for the new fiscal year! I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say, you’ll want to stay tuned to this one. And I expect a good dose of humor sprinkled throughout.

2. This is a nice illustration of speed and feedback loops in the blogosphere: David Buchan comments on my conference postabout ontology building. David, thanks, I’ll come to it later.

Something else: I love this conference as it’s not only about KM (and blogging), but also about meeting great people, dancing, learning how to make sushi and a lot of fun. Will turn back to my presenytation now…

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