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  Wednesday, June 25, 2003

  Sweeping in front of your doors

David Buchan points to the quote by Jim McGee that I missed with my vacation:

There's an old story that I've heard described as a Russion proverb. It says that if each one of us takes care of sweeping the sidewalk in front of our own home, we won't need streetsweepers. It's worth thinking about how that might apply to the world of knowledge work, both on the level of being an individual knowledge worker yourself and on the level of helping make the other knowledge workers that surround you more effective.

1. Great metaphor to use thinking about knowledge workers.

2. I was curious about Russian proverb as I can't easily recall it (although it looked familiar). I did a search and found that this is a citation from Leo Tolstoy that is used in slightly different variants as a proverb (or may be he used the proverb in his writing?).

In original it looks like (my not perfect translation from Russian version):

Don't ask others to do things you can do yourself. Let everyone sweep in front of his or her door. If each [of us] will do it, the whole street will be clean.

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  KM and learning + I-KNOW conference

Pointers to articles about convergence of KM and learning from AOK (Association of knowledge work, many areas are password-protected, but joining is free and worth the effort) recent EZine:

I didn't have time to read them, so this is just to collect pointers.

This is one of the topics I study closely at work and the one that brings me to the I-KNOW 03 conference next week. Together with a colleague I wrote a paper "Converging knowledge management, training and e-learning: scenarios to make it work", which should be availiable on-line after the conference.

By the way, I was happy to find that Jay Cross will be one of keynote speakers and looking forward to meet him. Wondering if there are other bloggers to meet at I-KNOW.

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