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  Saturday, May 31, 2003

  Better tools and educative marketing Jon Udell | OSCOM 2003 | Introduction [via Roland Tanglao: KLogs] (bold is mine)
Some lessons you learned in grade school:

Write effective titles and topic sentences.
Neatness counts.
Share with others.
No hitting.

Three assertions:

  1. Some people learned those lessons, and they communicate effectively with or without the aid of content management systems.
  2. Many people didn't learn those lessons, don't communicate effectively, and don't get much help from CMSs.
  3. The CMS opportunity, and challenge, is to help the majority learn and apply a handful of grade-school lessons.

One more point for my discussion with Sebastian about tools and social conventions: one of weblogs challenges is to help the majority to learn how to write for the web.

This is also related with "better tools and educative marketing" points of my BlogTalk presentation, but I guess I have to write more on it to make it clear.

[A bit related: Content Creation for Average People]

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  Weblogs, personal voice and digital apprenticeship

Dale Pike:

A weblog does not have to include a first person voice, but I think that it becomes much less when it does not. I believe that a weblog is a concept that has become much more than simply the tools used to post chronologically-ordered HTML entries. A weblog is a manifestation of an individual voice. There will always be a place for sterile, scholarly dissertations, but I guarantee I won't look forward to reading them on my lunch break. If I can listen to you, however, talk about something you're doing...something that is going on in your life, chances are I can learn from you. And that IS something I'll look forward to reading at lunch...

In other words, weblogging is about open digital apprenticeship.

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