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  Saturday, May 24, 2003

  BlogTalk: day 2

I don't feel like live blogging today. I we have discussed with Sebastian: it's hard to be immersed in a activity and reflect on that. I don't feel like purely reporting and there are many others who do that. I want to reflect, but this is something that takes more attention.

We had three main themes running this morning:

  • are weblogs echo chambers?
  • weblogs and marketing
  • weblog introduction problems


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  Don't blog me - I'm real

It's strange that so many people are blogging live. Many are struggling to find a balance between the pleasure of listening to real person, writing and following other writing at the same time. Do we change the fun of real-life communicating for virtual reflection on it. This is something to think about.

As Maria said "don't blog me - I'm real".

[Please, see some clarifications at the end of this post]

Later: Maria posted almost in the same time "don't blog me - I'm real"

I quit live blogging.

As observing people here, I am really wondering - are we on a real conference or is it a good imitation, a virtual show presented while we are blogging ?

As a social event, live blogging is amazing.

A dozen of persons writing online while other persons are presenting their thoughts, the results of their work. Textual journalism online - I think it is a rather new form of publishing. Til today, each press article, even a little note usually passed by a press agency before going to the public. You have direct relation, you have opinions about other's words even before they finished to say them. Yes. Amazing.

But I also had the opportunity to be blogged yesterday. I was there. And I can say sincerely that it was not a pleasure. A particular kind of stress when you are not really afraid of what you say or who you are but much more of what they are going to write about you. Gosh, it is not a press conference !

[...] It won't be easy to explain to live-bloggers that they are not doing a good job, because they are. They are blogging about everything that is said and they are doing it in an impressioning time. But thinking about the person who is doing a presentation - isn't it a little bit rough?

[...] We do isolate ourselvs, escaping in the virtual streams of our blogging homes. By reference to my psychological backgrounds it seems to me that there is a problem. Just as we wouldn't like to accept the devirtualization that has been done here. We are not the same anymore, as we have met each others. At least I hope so...

Later (26 May)

You may think that I was not happy with people blogging my talk instead of listening. This is not true - I don't feel any difficulty with it. My feelings could be better described as "why blog if we can talk" question.

I tried to discuss it in Real-time conference blogging: reporting vs. reflecting and BlogTalk: why I wasn't blogging

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