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  Thursday, May 08, 2003

  BlogTalk paper: draft version goes on-line

Draft version of my BlogTalk paper (.doc, 130K) is on-line. Comments, suggestions and criticism are welcome (papers can be improved till the conference).

Improvement suggestions I received/though about about so far:

  • Will do
    • Adding frequencies of answers to the results
    • Improve page layout (make sure that tables do not span two pages and so on) - depends on the final requirements for the print version
  • Would like to do (if time allows)
    • Better description of the data presented
    • Adding broader categories to group results in tables (e.g. categories in the blogging motivation list could be probably grouped as "experimentation", "improving personal information/knowledge management", "community-oriented")
    • Follow-up analysis (e.g. given the fact that some bloggers say that tools are easy and others that they are difficult, I could compare other responses of these two groups to find a better explanation)
  • Not sure
    • Removing references to questions from the text
    • For each table add links to "raw responses"
More on: BlogTalk paper 

  Four things we do with weblogs

Few weeks ago I made a presentation for my colleagues about weblogs. It was an introductory talk for a quite technical audience. I'm waiting for an agreement to make this presentation public, but I hope that it's not a problem if I provide here a piece of it.

In the presentation I distinguish between four things you can do with weblogs and explain how it is done. These four things (without screenshots and with only a few links) are below.

1. View

  • Weblog usually has
    • Posts, usually arranged in a reverse-chronological order
    • Often it’s possible to add a comment to each post
    • Each post has permalink, permanent URL for linking
  • Archives
    • Pages with all posts for the same day / week / month
    • Calendar or list to navigate
  • Menu
    • Some information about the author and weblog, links to other pages
    • Links to other weblogs (blogroll), other webs-sites
    • Search and subscribe forms
    • List of categories/ topics, often “recently updated” list
    • Link to RSS feed
    • Buttons, thanks, disclaimers, copyrights, etc.

2. Publish

  • Blogging software
    • Hosted on your desktop or on server (your own or provider’s)
    • Keeps “raw materials” of your weblog: database of posts, templates
    • Allows adding/editing/deleting of “raw materials”
    • Makes HTML pages out of it and uploads them to your server  (your own or provider’s)
  • Metadata/channeling
    • Categories - each post can go to several categories
    • Topics/keywords

3. Discuss

  • Finding weblogs
    • Weblogs directories, Google
    • Links from weblogs you read
  • Finding new things in weblogs you know
    • Browsing their pages
    • Subscribing to RSS feeds using news aggregators
    • Subscribing by e-mail
  • Discussing
    • Using comments of original weblog
    • Citing and commenting in your own weblog

4. Search and track

  • Searching
  • Tracking
    • Most referred pages across weblogs, for a specific weblog
    • Links to and links from, referers
    • Revealing groups of weblogs
    • Finding similar weblogs
    • Word bursts (heightened usage of certain words in weblogs)
    • Conversations across weblogs

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