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  Tuesday, April 29, 2003

  BlogTalk paper: data

You can find the data for my BlogTalk paper on-line. So far there is only answers to open-ended questions there, but I'll be adding the rest soon.

I used two questionnaires to collects the data: one for people who have a weblogand another for those who don’t have a weblog. I called them bloggers and would be bloggers, although I have five categories in total and I’m not sure yet where to draw the line.

Five categories I have are result of the answering question 2, “Please select the statement that describes you best”:

  • People with a weblog (“blogger questionnaire”)
    • Blogging has became part of my regular activities --> Blogger
    • I'm trying out blogging --> Trying-out
  • People without a weblog (“would be blogger questionnaire”)
    • I have decided to start a weblog, but don't have one yet --> Decided to start
    • I'm considering should I start blogging or not --> Considering blogging
    • I'm interested in blogging --> Interested in blogging

Originally I expected 10-15 respondents for each questionnaire and I was going to post answers of each of them on-line. I used question 18 to ask for the permission and level of anonymity (e.g if I could provide name and reference). In fact I’ve got more than 80 responses in total, so it is not feasible to post all of them on-line. So, I choose for posting aggregated results. The main rules are: 

  • answers are grouped in five categories (between blogger and interested in blogging) 
  • open-ended questions 
    • answers of people who had not agreed to post them on-line are excluded 
    • empty answers are excluded
    • similar answers are grouped 
  • multiple-choice questions
    • all not-empty answers are counted

I also posted names of the participants and references to their web-sites (those who gave their permission while answering questionnaires). I’m ready to add names of the participants who agreed to present their results anonymously, so if you are one of them please let me know.

More on: BlogTalk paper 

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