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Knowledge work and knowledge worker: references

New piece at Quaerere SIG/Knowledge BoardKnowledge work and knowledge worker: references (selected references from the dissertation ‘Defining Knowledge Work: A British and Hispanic Cross-cultural Study‘ by Jennifer Yau).

The list is far from full, but there are several important things about it:

  • Jennie used Knowledge Board to initiate the discussion on her research and to support data collection.
  • She doesn’t forget to inform the participants about the outcomes of this work.
  • It’s student (and not “expert”) sharing resources she used with others.

I know that this case it’s not perfect: we had to go via “author-editor” cycle several times to post it and it’s not easy to add new things (only via comments and not in a “wiki” mode), but I believe that even if we start such a “low scale” sharing knowledge and resources we can achieve a lot of collaboration between different research institutions.

Note: this is my association with Knowledge Angels Network of Excellence proposal focused on supporting integration of European KM research.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2003/04/23.html#a560; comments are here.

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